Electrical Panel Replacement Services

In most homes, the electrical panel is hidden away in places you wouldn’t expect to find it, such as the basement or the laundry room. As a result, it is frequently forgotten because the panel is out of sight, which isn’t a problem unless you have a circuit trip. However, it may cause you to wait longer than necessary to replace your electrical panel. In addition to the fact that the panel is hidden, replacing your electrical panel can be costly. However, in the appropriate circumstances, upgrading your electrical panel is well worth the money significantly if it saves your home from burning down. There are several advantages to replacing your electrical panel using Illuminated Electric’s installation services. Some of these benefits include:

Boost the Security of Your Home: The primary benefit of replacing your electrical panel is the greater safety it delivers. An electrical fire might result from a malfunction in the operation of your electrical panel, which can destroy your entire property. Even if your homeowner’s insurance covers the cost of repairs, some items are irreplaceable if destroyed in a fire.

Improve power consistency: Modern electrical appliances and technologies require steady power, often unavailable from older electrical panels. You’re more likely to overload your circuits and have your circuit breakers trip regularly if you don’t have enough electrical power. Rather than guessing whether you have too many devices plugged in for your electrical panel to handle, upgrade it for reliable electrical power.

Let us handle your electrical panel replacement here at Illuminated Electric so you can go about your daily life without having to worry about it!

Electrical Panel Changeout

If there is one thing that you should not DIY ever, it is your home’s electrical panel. Just because you saw a YouTuber do it or your cousin did it doesn’t mean that you should. This is a job that is best left to the professionals because one wrong move and you could be putting your life at risk. An electrical panel changeout is a complex job involving live wires. Even if you turn off the power to your home, there are still live wires in the panel that can cause severe injury or even death if you don’t know what you’re doing. In addition to the safety risks, electrical panels are also highly technical and require a lot of experience.

If you’re thinking about changing out your electrical panel, the best thing you can do is call a professional electrician. They will assess your situation and determine whether or not a changeout is necessary. If it is, they will also be able to do the job safely and correctly to have peace of mind knowing that your home is up to code. Illuminated Electric is a company that you can call if you are looking for someone who can help you with Electrical Panel Changeout. We can handle your repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting needs!

Electrical Panel Replacement

Electrical Panel Repair

The electrical panel repair and meter wiring in your home are two of the most important electrical systems. In addition, your electrical link to the primary power grid comprises these two places. As a result, you’ll want the most outstanding residential electrical services to handle these crucial electrical connections. Illuminated Electric is the company to call when you need attentive, efficient Electrical Panel Repair. Our panel and meter wiring experts in Rock Hill, SC, keep your home secure! If you’re not sure whether you have a problem with your panel or meter wiring, you can look for a few signs in your home.

  1. If there is evident damage to your meter or electrical panel, it must be repaired, as electrocution and fire are pretty dangerous.
  2. Let’s say you’re looking forward to getting a new hot tub installed, but there’s no room for a new circuit to be installed by our electricians. The only way to fix this is to establish a larger circuit breaker panel, curing two problems at once. The first problem is that you don’t have enough space to add a new dedicated circuit to your electrical panel. However, because most current electrical panels have greater room, this problem indicates that you may have an old electrical panel.
  3. When an electrical panel fails, you may be overcharged for your electricity usage. There could be an issue with the wiring between your home and the electrical panel or meter if you have gotten high electrical bills with no obvious cause—running your AC or heating more, introducing new equipment into the home, etc.

All you need to do is ring us up here at Illuminated Electric for your electric panel repairs. First, we will come to your home in Rock Hill, SC, and look at the problem. After that, we’ll give you a call to know what needs to be done and how much it will cost. So contact us today for all your electrical panel repair needs!

Electrical Panel Troubleshooting and Repair

One way to help determine if your electrical panel is in need of a troubleshooting and repair service is by an electrical inspection. An electrical inspection is a thorough study of your home’s electrical systems. This inspection entails determining whether the wiring, appliances, circuits, and other electrical components comply with local construction and safety codes and confirming that the system complies with the minimum National Electrical Code, which applies throughout the United States. Our electricians usually follow a checklist to ensure no details are overlooked during your electrical inspection. If there are any difficulties, our electricians will analyze them and advise on how to fix them and what electrical upgrades you might want to make.

You may require various electrical services throughout time, ranging from new lighting to electrical improvements such as electrical panel troubleshooting and repair. We tend to put our electrical systems out of sight and mind until something goes wrong. Many homeowners are unaware that they can participate in preventative services to avoid dealing with electrical repairs or replacements. Our electricians at Illuminated Electric can tell you everything you need to know about troubleshooting and repair if you’re not sure if you need one.

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